ArcHiMèdE Archeology and Ancient History in the Mediterranean and Europe UMR 7044

Scientific project

ArcHiMèdE brings together archeologists, philologists and historians of the ancient world (from Prehistory to the Byzantine world), specialists of the Mediterranean, of its eastern neighbors (Middle East and Egypt), and of Middle Europe. Its members are recognized for their expertise in the protection of archeological and historical primary sources (with publications on digs and corpuses of artefacts, editions and studies of texts). ArcHiMèdE plays a leading role in the scientific structuring of regional archeology, thanks in particular to the activities of local rescue archeology agencies (INRAP, Archéologie Alsace, ANTEA).

Egyptology is one of our main strengths : an excavation program led in Egypt by Professor Colin’s team received internal recognition in 2019 (after another success in 2018), thanks to the discovery, in the Theban necropolis near Luxor, of three new painted Egyptian sarcophagi dating back to the Eighteenth Dynasty. Other key areas of research include prehistory, with a small team of nationally and internationally known scholars, and the Ostéothèque collection housed at Strasbourg’s zoological museum; the critical and anthropological history of religions, which received outstanding scientific recognition through the success of the ITI HiSAAR project (History, sociology, archeology and anthropology of religions), coordinated by Prof. G. Ducoeur. Lastly, “classical” ancient history (Greek history and Roman history) as well as cultural and anthropological history (with a focus on gender studies) are two areas of study for which the University of Strasbourg and ArcHiMèdE are widely recognized.

Research themes


Archeology, Archaeometry, Byzantium, Gender Studies, Classical Philology, Prehistory, Protohistory

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Doctoral school for the social sciences and humanities, European Perspectives - ED 519
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