Early Modern Transnational Theater: Politics, Identities, Recognitions

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Theater Without Borders ANNUAL CONFERENCE

28 juin 1 juillet 2022
Salle Ourisson - Bâtiment lebel

Early modern theatre is a political device. It represents and deconstructs power, it shapes identities, it debates differences, embodies, bridges, and sometimes censors them. It re-creates a political world that the audience can embrace, reject or question. It negotiates crucial encounters with diverse others, between nations, cultures, races and epistemologies. It encourages the spectator to recognize, as Montaigne wrote, “in the fable on stage, the shadow and sign of the tragic plays of human fortune”.
Against the odds, theatre brings us recognition, anagnorisis, which gives rise to new insights about human connection. For the 2022 conference in Strasbourg, TWB invites interventions that will foster re-cognitions – rethinking, reorienting, and, possibly, revelations: 
· re-cognition of theatre that shadows selves and questions the signs that delimit and alienate them;
· re-cognition of theatrical spaces and fictions that are endangered by pandemics, racism, climate change, neo-fascism;
· re-cognition of the capital flows and agendas of power that feed and censor theatre in all its forms;
· re-cognition of the power of whiteness as the default category of self in theatre as usual, and the urgency of diversifying and even fracturing that monumental whiteness.
Contributions to the conference will focus on the theatre and performance culture of early modernity in its transnational dimensions, in order to highlight the proximities and differences between the dramatic practices of various languages and cultures. We also invite proposals for other formats (roundtable, report on educational or theatrical experience, performance, etc.) to bring together the themes of race, politics, and diversity.

Université de Strasbourg
Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme