"Japan-UE's Cooperation in covid-19's time: A new relationship in a new environment ?"

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17 février 2021
9h30 12h
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Un séminaire intitulé "Japan-UE's Cooperation in covid-19's time: A new relationship in a new environment ?" aura lieu le mercredi 17 février à 9h30 en ligne.

The Covid-19 pandemic as ongoing global event has reshaped international relation and world order geopolitics. It has struck it with unprecedented scale and ferocity. Tensions between the US and China or divisions among the EU has been existing before but this health crisis has intensified these issues. It has also revealed the “power” of national interest and the limits of international cooperation with the closure of borders and the lack of coordination at the European level. Nationalist isolation seems to be a political temptation for lots of countries but at the same time, the pandemic can only be solved by global cooperation within a renewed alliance for a new multilateralism.

It is a clear signal for enhancing the quality of the cooperation between Japan and the EU. This crisis management, mostly done on a national basis, must not crowd out the necessity to imagine together the post-coronavirus order. This crucial challenge was already there before the virus’s spread but it is more acute than ever. Despite the geographical distance, the EU and Japan have strengthened their will to work together in order to construct a new international order based on liberal values and the necessity to warrant human security for everybody.

What about the long-term impact of the covid-19 on the world order? What will be the consequences for the strategic partnership between Japan and the EU?

Université de Strasbourg
Université de Haute-Alsace
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