Tibetanness outside Tibet

Événement passé

Université d’hiver Axe 3 ITI HiSAAR

24 26 novembre 2021
Salle de conférence - MISHA

This winter school is part of the global scholar program History, Sociology, Archeology and Anthropology of Religion, which studies, inter alia, “Religious re-structuring: Internal transformations and external interactions”. It is part of the third axis of this program and focuses precisely on religion and politics. While “religion” and “politics” are often perceived as two antagonistic forces, this is not the case for Tibetan areas (the Plateau and the so-called greater Tibet), where they were always combined in one way or another. However, this is less the case for the peripheral areas where Buddhism is not practiced by the majority of the population. The interdisciplinary approach may give some trends to a better understanding how religious systems, here mainly Buddhism, but not only (eg Islam in Baltistan or in Surru Valley) create, structure, and restructure social, political, ideological, doctrinal, and even economical organisation of communities and societies.

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