Séminaire : "Statistics crash course : Introduction to data analysis"

Past event

Justyna Hejman-Mancewicz, EBoP

20 February 2024
10h 14h
Salle Océanie - MISHA

Organized in the framework of the European Birds of Passage (EboP) project, the seminar will be composed of two parts :

  1. Introduction to data analysis (types of statistical data, relationships between data, key statistical concepts)
  2. Labour market and migration statistics (key measures and data sources)

By the end of the seminar, participants will have gained a better understanding of main statistical concepts and of key analytical challenges facing labour market and migration researchers to draw meaningful conclusions from quantitative and mixed-methods research in those fields.

  • 20 février 2024, 10h-14h, Salle Océanie (MISHA)
  • Pour toutes informations supplémentaires, vous pouvez contacter Justyna Hejman (hejman[at]unistra.fr)

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