About us

The Alsace Inter-University House for the Social Sciences and Humanities (MISHA) was founded in 1998 to operate as the main hub for research in these fields in our region. It is the result of a close partnership between the CNRS, the Alsatian universities (Unistra and UHA) and local authorities.

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About us

A member of the National Network of Houses for the Social Sciences and Humanities (RnMSH), it is chiefly aimed at supporting research projects in these fields with an interdisciplinary and international approach and at providing a range of resources and services for the academic community.

It is also a vibrant place that hosts conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. on a daily basis, as well as temporary exhibitions that are open to the general public. 

With four in-house research centers (ArcHiMèdE, DRES, DynamE, SAGE), a university research library, the Strasbourg University Press  and the Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS), the MISHA is a place where research is conducted every day, through encounters and exchanges between teachers, researchers, support staff, PhD candidates, junior PhD and visitors to our research incubator.


Following the Charter of the Houses for the Social Sciences and Humanities (MSH), the MISHA’s four main missions are:

  • deploying and relaying national research support schemes
  • pooling research support services
  • incubating scientific projects
  • bringing together research actors in the Alsatian social sciences and humanities.

The MISHA thus offers pooled research support services to all Alsatian centers. It also facilitates access to very large research infrastructure in the social sciences and humanities, particularly through its local branches in the digital humanities and open science fields.

The MISHA also contributes to the dissemination of Alsatian social sciences and humanities research on a national and international scale. It has developed ties with other Houses for the Social Sciences and Humanities (MSH) through joint research projects and the creation of research clusters, especially in collaboration with the Lorraine MSH.

History  A few dates

1998 The project is launched on the initiative of Alain Chauvot. Discover the genesis


2000 The MISHA joins the National Network of Houses for the Social Sciences and Humanities as an association

2002 The MISHA becomes a CNRS mixed service unit (UMS)

2002 – 2004 Alain Chauvot is director

2005 – 2017 Christine Maillard is director
               2008 The MISHA building is inaugurated
            2008 The MISHA becomes a service and research unit (USR 3227)

2018 Didier Breton is director

2022 The Misha becomes a Support and Research Unit : UAR 3227

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