Digital Humanities Platform | PHUN

The Digital Humanities Platform (PHUN) is dedicated to supporting and promoting research drawing on qualitative data in the humanities.

This service is intended for all  researchers and students in the humanities and social sciences in Alsace.

PHUN was set up by the MISHA in 2019. It is part of the « Data and Knowledge » hub of the MISHA, along with the Plateforme Universitaire de Données (PUD-S).


PHUN contributes to the development of the culture of data in the humanities and social sciences. Our objectives are:

  • to support and promote digital humanities
  • to serve as a point of contact with the research infrastructure Huma-Num, for which we are the local branch.

Missions and actions

  • Training in digitial humanities : digital workshops, university courses, and masterclasses.
  • Tech vigil: ongoing, detailed awareness of technical needs and competencies in Alsace.
  • Simple technical solutions, for example:
  • Assist in the implementation of research projects: discover supports that are available to you under the "Services" heading below.
  • Encourage the writing of data papers in the humanities and social sciences, and make research data available according to the principles of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable)
  • Reinforce the links between the services of the University of Strasbourg and the services of the University of Upper Alsace.




PHUN will accompany you in becoming more autonomous in your research projects that use digital humanities. The platform offers individual or group aid in:

  • Training in tools and methods for optimising your work
  • Discovery of local, national, or european partners
  • Development or conservation of existing projects: Huma-Num storage, technical migration (Heurist), automated publishing tools
  • Drafting responses to calls for projects
  • The implementation of a data management plan (DMP) for the structuring, conservation, storage, and security of data



The Digital Humanities Platform team, with its unique and complementary backgrounds, is highly motivated and enthusiastic to help you with your research!

Portrait de Delphine Bernhard
Delphine Bernhard Scientific Referent
+33 (0)

Computer Science lecturer at the University Strasbourg, her main area of research lies in Natural Language Processing (NLP), and is particularly concerned with the creation of resources and tools for languages that lack significant investment. She is equally interested in the problems around FAIR data sharing, and around the teaching of digital technologies to the humanities and social sciences community.

Tara Cooke Engineer
+33 (0)

Software developer and point of contact for Huma-Num at The Misha, she would be delighted to either directly help you with your research project, or to point you to the services and tools available through Huma-Num that would be useful. When she's not working, she likes reading and hiking.

Portrait de Tara Cooke
Portrait de Régis Witz
Régis Witz Engineer
+33 (0)

Software Developer, database specialist, and incorrigible optimist, he loves to work on the more visible aspects of your project, with a particular interest in 3D. If he can't personally help you, he certainly knows someone who has the info you need!

Come and meet us

Consulting hours are available every week in office 141, on the 1st floor of the Misha

  •  Mondays from 10h00 to 12h00
  •  Thursdays from 10h00 to 17h00

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Due to the health situation related to COVID-19, the Phun team offers remote consulting services.

On-site consulting is only available on mondays and thursdays until the situation improves, but we remain contactable by mail, and/or by videoconference.