Introduction to Huma-Num

Huma-Num is a research infrastructure that aims to facilitate the digital turning point in humanities and social sciences research.

At the heart of humanities, social sciences, and digital humanities, Huma-Num implements a human (personnel, consortiums) and technological (digital conservation services) support system at the national and european level, drawing upon a large network of partners and operators, such as the Digital Humanities Platform (Phun) at the Misha.

What Huma-Num is not

An element to note: it is not the role of a Huma-Num team to design, develop, or ensure the maintenance of the custom software of a team or a research program.

Therefore, research teams who are not equipped with technical competencies are invited to:

  • Use a turnkey solution, such as Heurist, Nakala or Isidore.
  • Set up a research programme involving software developers (possibly via an external service provider).

Don't hesitate to contact the Digital Humanities Platform (Phun) for counsel and advice.


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Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme