Online primary sources on German-speaking areas

The primary sources portal

MISHA and CIERA want to make available to the research community digitalized archives and online data sets. The goal of the project is to make research on German speaking areas (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and international comparisons easier.  

  • make available to researchers the online sources necessary for their work in the humanities and social sciences
  • facilitate access to a large range of research materials concerning the German-speaking world: digitized archives, biographical, demographic and economic databases on line, jurisprudences, data of surveys in SHS
  • help young researchers grasp a sense of the abundant sources available
  • provide researchers with access to online data accessible by subscription
  • provide a set of tools to help users, in particular a "glossary of untranslatables" which will allow the use of at least part of the databases by non-German speakers.
  • mettre à disposition des chercheur·e·s les accès aux données en ligne accessibles sur abonnement : remplissant ainsi la fonction des Maison des Sciences de l'Homme qui est d’être un soutien à la recherche

This project is collaborative!
Do you know of any resources that you would like to share with researchers? Contact us so that we can integrate them into the portal. The portal is scheduled to go online in 2023.

Subspaces in progress

Disseminated archives

Coordinated by Sonia Goldblum, the project "Disseminated Archives" will offer an overview of the archival holdings related to German-speaking areas and disseminated as a result of the migration of people or the movement of archival holdings from one country to another (shifting borders, military occupations). The archives of the German exile after 1933 and the Austrian exile after 1938 constitute an essential part of these collections.

The "Disseminated Archives" section is original in its conception and includes both digitized archives and location of archives in paper format only.

Do you know of such archives? Contact our team! germanopole[at]

Digitized archives

Coordinated by Morgane Le Boulay, this subspace is being created in response to the growing number of archive digitization projects in German-speaking countries. It will list the sites where these digitized archives, whether they are originally books, paper documents or audiovisual sources, are hosted.

Biographies of German-speaking actors

Coordinated by Karim Fertikh, this subspace is currently being set up to list online biographical databases, whether they are those of institutional portals or those resulting from research projects. It is based on the observation that biographical data are important for historical and sociological research. In collaboration with other partners, this portal will provide researchers with access to biographies made available by paying sites.

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Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme