Seth Holmes : "Les blessures des migrants dans le temps et dans l'espace : travailleurs agricoles mexicains indigènes aux États-Unis."


Seth Holmes est anthropologue spécialiste, entre autres, des questions de santé, de migration et d'inégalités sociales à l'université de Berkeley, États-Unis.

"The extended time and space of migrant farmworker injury: indigenous Mexican farmworkers in the USA"

Cette conférence est proposée par les laboratoires DynamE et SAGE.

This talk will explore a vertical slice of transnational food systems to understand the flows of people, bodies, labour, violence and health across borders and through food.  Specifically, the talk considers ethnographic field research following Indigenous Mexican migrant farmworkers though the United States and Mexico in order to analyze the violence and exploitation inherent to contemporary food systems and the ways in which migrant farmworkers, their labour and their injuries are invisibilized, normalized and naturalized in society and in health care.  The analysis utilizes theories of the violence continuum, the gaze, temporality and event in order to highlight social and health inequalities in overlapping systems of migration and food.  At the same time, the research highlights means by which migrant farmworkers individually and collectively confront and respond to these processes.  The conclusion considers alternatives for the future, highlighting those aspirations and actions already in motion.