CREGO Center for Research on the Management of Organizations

Scientific project

The CREGO aims at producing and promoting research in various disciplines of management science. Four main research areas are targeted: Marketing, Finance & Governance, Accounting & Management Control Systems, HR & Strategy, and three interdisciplinary research groups are active, working respectively on: Management of Cultural Activities, Entrepreneurship/SMEs and Public Management.

The CREGO stands out thanks to the quality of its scientific output, its extensive interactions with socio-economic and cultural actors and its international approach. Its members are recognized for their scientific excellence and contributions to society.

The governance team aims at making CREGO a reference in management science research, capable of competing with the best research centers domestically and to improve its international standing. To do so, four strategic orientations are pursued:

- Striving for excellence in management research by applying to ambitious calls for projects, improving the quality of our teams’ scientific output, building collaborations with socio-economic partners through research contracts, chairs, etc.
- Expanding training through research via an appealing doctoral program for master’s students, aimed at better training and supervising our PhD candidates and facilitating their entry on the job market.
- Boosting the local and national exposure of our center through dissemination activities, the member involvement in academic and professional bodies, and work with networks and technological platforms.
- Enhance our international reputation by welcoming internationally renowned scholars, facilitating research stays abroad for CREGO members, and building international partnerships

Research themes

  • Marketing
    • Consumer behavior analysis
    • Arts and cultural marketing
    • Distribution channel and retail management
      Supervised by Prof. Bertrand BELVAUX
  • Finance & Governance
    • Finance & governance of private companies
    • Research on the organizational architecture of private companies
    • Governance and organizational architecture of organizations other than industrial and commercial businesses (banks and insurance companies, public organizations, non-market-oriented organizations, etc.)
      Supervised by Prof. Evelyne POINCELOT
  • Accounting & Management Control Systems
    • Accounting
    • Management control systems
    • Auditing
      Supervised by Prof. Pascal FABRE, Adrien BONACHE, Senior Lecturer
  • HR & Strategy
    • Institutionalization of organizational ethics and social responsibility of organizations
    • Mobilizations and collective action
    • Health and labor
    • Individual and organizational performance
    • Organizations’ strategies
      Supervised by Prof. Samuel MERCIER, Prof. Sébastien MAINHAGU


Marketing, Finance, Governance, Accounting, Management control systems, HR, Strategy

Université de Strasbourg
Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme