CRESAT Center for Research on Economies, Societies, Arts and Techniques UR 3436

Scientific project

The Center for Research on Economies, Societies, Arts and Techniques (CRESAT) brings together researchers in history (economic history, history of industrial heritage, political and cultural history, art history), in the information and communication sciences (digital culture, organizational communication, intercultural communication, media culture), in geography (geo-history of risks, cartography, GIS), in law, museology and management. Our members share an interest in the construction of Upper Rhine societies and territories. 

The CRESAT draws its strength and originality from its emphasis on the cross-border setting. We address this issue through a variety of research themes, from the history and heritages of industry to international circulation matters and the study of territorial governance and of the role of communication communities.

Research themes

  • History and heritages of industry
  • Supervised by Régis Boulat
  • Smart territories
    Supervised by Brice Martin
  • Culture.s and media: communication communities, schemes and uses
    Supervised by Eleni Mitropoulou
  • Public spaces and international circulations
    Supervised by Guido Braun


History, Geography, Information and Communication Sciences, Law, Economics

Partner doctoral school

Doctoral school for the social sciences and humanities, European Perspectives - ED 519
Link to the ED 519 website

Université de Strasbourg
Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme