HuManiS Humans and Management in Society


Director : Sébastien Point

Scientific project

HuManiS (Humans and Management in Society) brings together some fifty members working in three main areas of management research. The first group focuses on corporate strategies and entrepreneurship, with studies on topics ranging from innovation to the  management of change. The second group reflects on the societal implications of sustainable development and HR management. The third group addresses a variety of topical marketing-related themes, such as engagement marketing, consumer behavior (including customer resistance, management of complaints, and reaction to online reviews), relationships to brands, and the psychology of marketing decision-makers, as well as a number of digitalization-related subjects (security of IT systems, adoption and use of digital technologies).

Research themes

  • Entrepreneurship and Management of Change
    Supervised by Prof. Gilles Lambert
  • Global Talent Management & Social Responsibilities
    Supervised by Prof. Sébastien Point
  • Marketing & Digitalization
    Supervised by Prof. Jessie Pallud




Management, Marketing, Supply chain, Information systems, Human resources, Strategy

Université de Strasbourg
Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme