ILLE Institute of Research On European Languages and Literatures


Director : Régine Battiston
Deputy directors : Craig Hamilton, Greta Komur-Thilloy

Scientific project

The ILLE is an interdisciplinary institute of research that uses its cross-border setting to study the emergence of a European identity through transfers and exchanges over the centuries in Europe, and particularly in the Rhine area, and on a longer Rhone-Rhine axis (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium and France).

The ILLE’s researchers share an interest in the theme of European interculturality. Scholarship is divided into two complementary joint programs: “European identities and exchanges”, and “Plurilinguism in Europe”.This does not reflect a division into two separate teams; our center’s scholars may navigate from either program to the other depending on the subjects of conferences and events. Likewise, we favor events that allow our members to work in close collaboration.

Research themes

  • European Identities and Exchanges (IEE)
  • Plurilinguism in Europe (PLE)


Language sciences, French language and literature, Comparative literature, English language studies, Germanic studies, Roman studies

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