LIVE Image City Environment


Director : Dominique Badariotti
Deputy directors : Dominique Schwartz, Jean-Nicolas Beisel

Scientific project

The Image, City, Environment (LIVE) center conducts research in the geo-environmental field, at the intersection of the geosciences and of the social sciences and humanities. Our approach can be defined as a human ecology, aimed at analyzing the relationships between populations and their environments. We are affiliated with the CNRS’s two national institutes for “Ecology and environment” and “Social sciences and humanities”. Our research focuses on three dimensions: 

The image, - satellite or otherwise, - the map, or the figure are primarily tools for knowledge, allowing for the analysis and representation of phenomena for the purpose of understanding them. It can also be a communication material used to synthetize and explain data to a wide variety of audiences.  

The city has become an everyday environment for over half of humanity. It is a complex organism in which very different populations, from multiple horizons, mix and operate in a geographical space that is characterized both by human development and unavoidable environmental limitations.

The environment involves human and environmental dimensions, against the backdrop of a major environmental crisis with a clear social impact. We strive to better understand and characterize the environment and its dynamics by studying atmospheric, hydrological and landscape dimensions and its interactions with the anthropic element.

The LIVE research center is a pluridisciplinary team of 80 members and counting. It operates as a mixed CNRS/University of Strasbourg unit (UMR7362).

Research themes

  • Landscape Dynamics (DYPA)
    Supervised by Dominique Schwartz, Professor of pedology and biogeography at the University of Strasbourg
  • Energy Pollution Air Climate (EPAC)
    Supervised by Nadège Blond, CNRS researcher in physics
  • Urban Dynamics, Risks and Mobility (DYRIM)
    Supervised by Christophe Enaux, Professor of geography at the University of Strasbourg
  • Image
    Supervised by Anne Puissant, Professor of geography at the University of Strasbourg
  • Hydrosystems
    Supervised by Jean-Nicolas Beisel, Professor of hydroeocology at ENGEES and Laurent Schmitt, Professor of hydromorphology at the University of Strasbourg



Geography, ecology, urbanism

Contact us

LIVE - UMR 7362
 Faculté de géographie et d’aménagement, Institut de Géographie et Institut de Géo-aménagement et d’Urbanisme
3 rue de l’Argonne 67000 Strasbourg
 Faculté des sciences de la vie, Institut de Botanique
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