SuLiSoM Subjectivity, Social Bonds and Modernity

Scientific project

The study of subjective processes and their lifelong construction is the core theme of the research conducted by SuLiSoM-UR3071 scholars. We track these processes in a contemporary society in which ideological, economical, legal and scientific transformations impact the ways in which people live together in societies and families. Recent changes in societies and families have multiple implications on individual’s subjectivities and social interactions. We strive to tackle them by relying on the epistemology and ethics of psychanalysis, with particular attention paid to respecting individual singularity and autonomy. Our theoretical models borrow from various disciplines related to clinical psychology, including psychoanalysis, medicine and sociology. Our clinical model is based on empirical observations of patients in their environments or in therapeutic settings.

This inductive model starts from clinical cases or situations, and leads us to theoretical conceptions. We begin by rigorously observing the facts, and we then seek to deduce psychological processes and concepts from these observations. We favor qualitative aspects and the search for meaning over causality.


Psychopathology, clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, psychosomatic, family studies, death studies

Partner doctoral school

Doctoral school for the social sciences and humanities, European Perspectives - ED 519.
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Université de Strasbourg
Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme