Communication service

You are a researcher, lecturer or PhD candidate in the social sciences and humanities,  you are looking to :

  • Share details of an upcoming event (workshop, study day, etc.)
  • Promote and disseminate your research and/or your findings
  • Present an exhibit on your findings
  • Receive training in communication tools (DTP and creative strategies)
  • Have your event filmed

Our communication service is here to help you give exposure to your research.

Details of our services

We can advise you and work with you on sharing your work with your institutions, the wider public and the media. We offer you the communication solutions that are best suited to your studies and your purposes, depending on your dissemination needs and on how you wish to raise your profile, and to promote your research center and your discipline.

 Creating written, visual, printed documents

  • Drafting and disseminating news releases for home institutions, institutional partners, the public and the media
  • Advice on communication, training in DTP, photography and creative strategies

 Internet, social media

  • Disseminating information online: MISHA website, Twitter and YouTube accounts
  • Advice on communication online and on social media
    Contact :  Alice Tschudy  web[at]

 Videos, broadcasting and language interpretation

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Université de Haute-Alsace
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