Archives Henri-Poincaré Philosophy and Research on Sciences and Technologies

Scientific project

Sciences and technologies play a central role in our societies. It is therefore necessary to study how they develop, the methods they use, their circuits of transmission and validation, their organization into groups, looking both at the past and at more recent trends.

The Archives Henri-Poincaré contribute to this effort in multiple ways: by offering archives of scholars and scientific institutions; by performing historical and sociological research on these institutions and their scientific exchanges (correspondence, teachings, journals); by engaging in a broad philosophical reflection on knowledge – with a focus on scientific knowledge. Our researchers address a wide variety of topical themes, on participatory science, medical ethics and practices, artificial intelligence and robots, scientific integrity, and the role of digital content in the social sciences and humanities.

Drawing on various points of view, on theoretical, empirical and action research approaches, research conducted at the Archives Henri-Poincaré, in Strasbourg and Nancy, sheds light on trends in sciences and technologies that have emerged over the past two centuries, and their current implications.

Research themes


History of sciences and technologies, philosophy, sociology and anthropology of sciences and technologies, digital humanities, epistemology

Université de Strasbourg
Université de Haute-Alsace
Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme